Felt bag Model 1

This felt bag model is the first I ever attempted and I still believe it is the easiest one to make because you can easily add the handles to the felt before you stitch the seams and the bottom. This is more a computer or handbag than it is a shopping bag model. The bag is not wide, so it is excellent to keep for instance magazines or a computer nicely organized in the bag, even if you put it down against a wall.

The bag can be made in many colors. Personally I like it best in one color, but you could use two different colors as well.

If you have the habit of wearing a bag with the handles over your shoulder, I would recommend to use handles of 65 cm long. If you carry the bag in your hand, then handles of 50-55 cm long are OK. You have to take into account the handles will stretch a bit over time from using the bag. The handles of the bag can be finished round, rectangular, square… as you wish. Use your own creativity.


I always use felt of 3 mm thick. The woolen felt is the nicest but most hard to find.


  • 2 pieces of 37 x 47 cm for the body of the bag
  • 2 handles of 55 x 4 cm or 65 x 5 cm (see my remark above about the length of the handles)

Sewing instructions

  1. First sew the handles on the body pieces like this:

2. Sew the front seam (front center) and back seem (back center) of the bag. These are the shortest sides of the rectangles. Sew close to the edge (3mm seam) and make sure the seam is on the outside of the bag.

3. Turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom. Sew close to the edge again (3mm). Here the seam will be facing the inside of the bag once it is done.

4. Push the corner tip flat so that the body lays flat on the bottom seam and draw a line perpendicular to the bottom seam where the width from left to right is 7 cm (3.5 cm on both sides of the bottom seam). Sew on that line. Do that thoroughly, possibly sewing twice on the same line. Cut off the tip beyond where you just sewed.

5. Turn the bag back inside out and you’re done! Congratulations.

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