Handles for felt bags

I haven’t spent much time explaining how to make handles for felt bags yet, but they are really not difficult and you can experiment and adapt the outer edges of the handle’s look and feel to fit the models of the bags you are designing/making.

How to make handles:

1) cut rectangular pieces of felt
2) stitch (close) alongside the longer edge leaving free space on both ends
3) cut the outer edge corners into shape (example rounding the corners or cutting the tips of the corners)
4) position the handles carefully on the bag body. I use a fine tailor chalk to draw the positions on the body of the bag to make sure I get them symmetrically placed. Although I pin the handles in place, you will find they move easily, having an extra anchor helps if that happens.
5) stitch the handles on the bag.

Here are some examples of other handles I did in the past:

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