3 Storage bags for our camper

I hear you thinking… “why are these camper bags”? Well they were made specifically to fit the storage of our Chausson camper. This is why both side panels have hand grips, so they are easily stored and pulled out of the niche in the ‘garage’ of the camper.

I made the bags in 3 distinctly different colors so we know by heart what’s in which bag.

Bag pattern:

Cut the following:

I made 2 different sizes. The first one I made a bag of 25 cm wide and the second/third only 23 cm wide. So I will each time put the first variation before the / sign and the second variation behind the /.

  • 1 body panel of 77/79 x 45 cm
  • 2 side panels of 24/26 x 27.5 cm
  • 2 closing flaps of 15 x 42 cm
  • 2 bag handles of 5 x 55 cm
  • 2 side-panel handles 3.5 x 20 cm
  • 1 body panel of

Sewing instructions

If you want to do some embroidery, that’s definitely the first thing you need to do before you start stitching anything together.

  1. Make the handles. I already gave specific instructions in a previous blog Handles for felt bags on how to do that.
  2. Stitch the handles in place on both (short) ends of the body rectangle, this is the outside of the bag so the embroidery should be on the same side. Take into account that close to the top edge you will attach the closing flap, so make sure there is enough space between the stitching of the handle on the body and the top edge, so the stitching of the flap can still go in between. You can see that on picture 3 and 6 the gallery just above.
  3. Stitch the side-panel handles in place on the side panel. I centered them and placed them 12 cm below the top of the side panel.
  4. Stitch the top closing flaps on both (short) ends of the body rectangle. This is at the inside of the bag where the handles are sitting. You will have to pull the handles away so that they don’t accidently get caught in this process.
  5. Stitch the side panels to the body. 1 in both ends, as you can see in picture 4 and 5
  6. Now fold the body panel in its bag shape and stitch the opposite side of the side panels
  7. Turn the bag inside out and stitch the remaining bottom seams (=the 2 open edges at the bottom).

Links to these embroidery files and some alternatives for cat and dogs can be found here:


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