Welcome to this food blog.

I promised friends long ago that I would make a cookbook from our favourite recipes. I was saving up work to publish a book. I realize that I probably never will get around doing this so I diverted to this blog instead.

About this blog.

We live in a small Flemish town, in Belgium. Since my husband and I both have travelled for business over the last 20 years, our classic Belgian cooking has been influenced by other food cultures; hence the name “Belgian Fusion”. It is Belgian, but a lot of it definitely is not.

Aside from being able to learn about other ingredients, tastes and flavours, another big “asset” of business travel is that you get to eat in restaurants or in between meetings, grabbing something from the food stall or take away on the road. Yes, then the weight starts to increase slowly but steadily. I personally gained 10 kg in my first year of travel. This explains the diet side of the blog. When I’m not traveling I like to cook fatless during the week to compensate for the vantage. You will see that the light stuff is also very simple cooking, since I cook in the evening after a long day of work.

Most of the tasteful food here is of course not calorie friendly and definitely has the signature of my husband. Credit where credit is due… he is my inspiration.

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