Woohoo, i have a blog


I’ve promised so often to friends that i would publish our favourite home recipes. The idea of publishing a cookbook is great, except you need so much content before you can start. I had a feeling I would never get around to it. So I diverted to digital!

The goal of this blog is to share with you recipes we like.

Some background:

My husband is a great cook. Although we both originate from small towns in West-Flanders (Belgium) and we grew up under the church tower, our business activities have given us the opportunity to travel. This had an immense effect on our cooking over the years.

We started out very conventional, but over the course of time other dishes were discovered, other herbs, other styles,… We see our cooking as a combination of real old fashioned Belgium cooking with exotic influences, hence Belgianfusion.

I won’t promise I will keep this up, but I’ll try.

Hope you get a great taste out of it.