“Smoskonte” is Flemish for someone who makes a lot of mess with food. The letters are embroidered with the same color, but through the angle of embroidery they appear to be of different color. Download links for the embroidery files Smoskonte.PES (embroidery file)Smoskonte.AI (vector file outlined)

Kokkie en Peppie

Kokkie and Peppie was a show on television when I was a kid. The word ‘kokkie’ also means ‘small cook’ in Flemish. That made it somewhat funny to do this duo of aprons. When hosting diner parties, I guess in a lot of households, its going to be one taking care of the cooking andContinue reading “Kokkie en Peppie”

Grand Chef

During Corona I finally bought an embroidery machine. Since we couldn’t visit anyone, I started to make cooking aprons for the family and some friends. Some very personal ones, some more generic, some in English and some in Flemisch. Because it is not easy to find nice embroidery designs I made my own and gladlyContinue reading “Grand Chef”

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About me

During the Corona lock-down I finally bought an Embroidery machine. Since there were no courses available I started my first embroidery projects with the help of a lot of other blogs and movies. Thank you for that!

I’d like to share my embroidery ideas together with the vector and embroidery files where it makes sense.

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